The Calico platform

The Calico plaform offers a shared space dedicated to researchers and practitioners for Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) objects. It was originally created for sharing discussion forum objects from e-learning platforms but it now handles other communication objects such as mailing lists.

Users can upload, view, study and share CMC objects. Unregistered users can watch and study public anonymous CMC objects on the site, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of objects. Some objects are available only for the Calico special interest group, while private CMC objects are strictly available for their owner.

The Calico toolkit

The Calico toolkit is made of multilingual, user-centered, exploration tools dedicated to CMC Objects.

About the Calico research network

The Calico research network associates 4 research laboratories and 6 colleges of education with the goal of developing a better understanding of distant collaborative learning and providing tools for researchers and practitioners for better management study and analysis of discussion fora. The main purpose of this network is to share data, methodology, needs, tools, and analyses between researchers and teachers, allowing different views on content and interaction analysis.

Start a Calico platform session

Registered users are permitted to upload, to load, and to study an unlimited number of discussion forum objects. Register !
A French User Guide is available.

Unregistered users can watch and study public anonymous discussion forum objects on the site.